• Beautiful Universe

    I composed this track with the intention of combining the beautiful classic sounds of an orchestra with a smokin’ modern dubstep beat accented by hard hitting bass. The two genre’s complimented each other nicely. I hope you like it. <?php the_title(); ?>

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  • 1 Paxdora

    Posted Dec 7, 2008 at 12:23 pm

    WOW! I like it so much I added it to my music player on my profile page. It’s right at the top so it will accompany my Cosmos slideshow. Check it out. You know, this piece reminds me of Kraftwerk’s TransEurope Express. I’m going to upload that to my player as well, so you can see what I mean. Keep up the creativity, Travis. That’s what evolution made of us: we’ve become creators that have transcended our former programmed instincts. Forward, Pan sapiens!

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