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  • Ramune Pop <?php the_title(); ?>

    Ramune, my favorite drink, inspired me to compose this song. If you don’t know, Ramune is a Japanese carbonated soda that comes in a bottle, and at the top of the bottle is a marble. To open the bottle you must push the marble down into the neck of the bottle where it rattles around while drinking. I love the taste of Ramune and they are fun to drink. I composed this song with the intention to capture that experience. Nipponophiles, drink your heart out.

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  • Gaijin Affair <?php the_title(); ?>

    “Gaijin Affair” was a lot of fun to compose. I used several of the sounds I recorded in Okinawa Japan to compliment and lay the base for this glitch genre track. Nipponophiles welcome! Enjoy!

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  • Beautiful Universe <?php the_title(); ?>

    I composed this track with the intention of combining the beautiful classic sounds of an orchestra with a smokin’ modern dubstep beat accented by hard hitting bass. The two genre’s complimented each other nicely. I hope you like it.

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  • Japanese Bus <?php the_title(); ?>

    Riding a bus in Japan from one airport terminal to another. It was about an hour and a half ride through the city.

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  • Eating Chips <?php the_title(); ?>

    Me taking chips out of a bag and eating them. You can hear me crunching on them and going back for more. Crispy crunchy sound! :)

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  • Ice cream truck <?php the_title(); ?>

    An ice cream truck was coming through our neighborhood, when it came down our street I ran outside and recorded it as it passed our house. The melody you hear is the sound it was playing to announce it was in the neighborhood.

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  • Freight Train <?php the_title(); ?>

    On my way to work I got stopped at a railroad crossing. This is the recording I took of the train going by. It is quite intense. If you listen to the whole thing you will hear a lot of metal scraping and screeching sounds. I thought the train was going to derail. Recorded in Rockford, Illinois with an H2 Zoom.

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Musique Concrete

Lately, I have been composing tracks that fall into the “Musique concrete” genre. Concrete music is music created with “real world” sounds, natural environmental sounds, and other noises that are not inherently musical. I love composing with “real world” sounds, because for me, it reflects the rhythm and heartbeat of our every day lives, our routines, movement etc… I started composing with […]

The Art of Sound

I am a philosopher, poet, musician, phonographer, designer, an artist. When I am composing music, creating a track, the process is very much like that of when I am painting a picture, writing a poem, or designing an art piece. Except now, sounds are my paint and my ears are my guide. How I arrange […]

CCMixter is another great place to download and share sounds and music. You can download sounds and use them in your own audio projects. What I really like about CCMixter is that any sounds you use to create a song, if you upload the completed song back to their website, there is an option to […]

Freesound is an awesome place to download free sounds. I have downloaded a lot of sounds from there that I use in my music projects and track\song compositions. They are great quality and there is a huge selection. Because of this, I felt it was only right to give back by uploading my own sounds […]

Acid Planet Remixes

Sometimes I participate in remix contests at Acid Individual sounds from popular artists are provided for one of their particular tracks, and you are put to the test to remix those sounds into a new masterpiece against other competitors. While my songs created there are still technically “remixes,” they tend not to resemble the […]


A symphony starts when the tempest winds blow, moving gray cloud pads behind lightening strings bow. The thunder brass strikes between the rain drums beat, rippling once silent puddles into hi-hat heat. Undertones of texture, crackling rooftop patter, synthetic ambient ocean pads, indoor muffled chatter.