My name is Travis Morgan.

Welcome to my online portfolio. Here you will find a variety of my works including art, music, and poetry.
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I welcome change,
for only it is steady and consistent.

I welcome chaos,
for it is particularly persistent.

I welcome death,
as if I had a choice.

I welcome everything,
because I am its voice.


I am a cynic in the sense that I think that people intrinsically have underlying selfish motives whether they be conscious or unconscious. I have doubts in pure altruism, meaning that I think that most if not all acts have a selfish motive. While some acts may have been acted on in the interest of another, I doubt that those acts do not also have a selfish motive. To me, this can even be the “good” feeling you get from helping another. People will argue that when they perform such an act (which they call an “altruistic” act), they were only concerned about the others well-being. Yet, these same people have high regards for performing altruistic acts, and they get a high from attempting to do so. To me, this is yet another selfish motive that renders the act altruistic-less or at least not purely or only altruistic.

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The universe has no commitment to make us happy

We are temporary beings subject to the laws of the universe and we are raised and shaped to have the mentality that we can “have it your way” when in reality we cannot. We are determined by a chain of cause and effects, and when things don’t go how we think they “ought” to, then we are discontented. Our longing for comfort and survival go so far as to the point we disillusion ourselves to believe there are such things as ghosts\spirits that live on after our physical bodies die, that there is a god that we will meet after death, etc… There is no evidence of such things and it only reflect mans instinct and longing for survival.

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