My name is Travis Morgan.

Welcome to my online portfolio. Here you will find a variety of my works including art, music, and poetry.
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God takes credit for Mother Nature

I’m aggravated with people (creationist) giving “God” all the credit all the time for everything that they find good, beautiful, and right, in their lives. This man-made “God” gets all of the credit that should go to Mother Nature. People should start respecting Mother Nature, not God. If people don’t take care of the world, don’t take care of Mother Nature, she will die, and us along with her. Admit it; there is and will be no God to save us when we have destroyed the planet and all of its resources. I’m sure the creationist will call it Armageddon, and apply some supernatural reasoning for it, but the truth is, it would just be mans doing.

People spend all their days talking about the greatness of God, and how great it is that God gave us this planet and food, etc… If that were even true, then they certainly show little respect to that in which has been given to them. Nature is beautiful. Nature is what we are part of, it is our mother. Not God. We need to respect Nature and our beautiful planet. I’m seeing the planet go down the drain because people can’t see past themselves and their illusionary God. It is quite sad.

When a doctor saves a child in a hospital that had little chance to live, it is not a miracle of god. Do not thank God. Thank the doctor, thank science. The air we breathe, the water we drink, food, the sun, the moon, love, friendship… all provided by nature. Not God. Science helps us to understand nature, and to learn its ways. We may not have all the answers, but to put God in those gaps is like sticking a piece of chewed up bubble gum on a leaking dam. It won’t hold long.

Three New Books

I just ordered three new books from Amazon.com.

1. “The God Delusion,” by Richard Dawkins; Paperback; $11.85
2. “The Portable Atheist: Essential Readings for the Nonbeliever,” by Christopher Hitchens; Paperback; $11.90
3. “The Selfish Gene: 30th Anniversary Edition–with a new Introduction by the Author, ,” by Richard Dawkins; Paperback; $10.85

According to Amazon.com, they will ship January 7th. I’m excited!

Zune Original by Nobumasa Takahashi

Check out my new Zune! The back is designed by Nobumasa Takahashi.

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