My name is Travis Morgan.

Welcome to my online portfolio. Here you will find a variety of my works including art, music, and poetry.
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Brainwashing Beds

Let go of the rabbit ears
and satellite dishes,
cable transports of terrorist militias.

Let go of this
polluting encyclopedia,
this box of brain rotting media.

Changing channels, reflect a violence,
of a world where politicians roar
and the honest are silenced.

Signals of hostility are hypnotizing our heads,
In turn,
turning our couches into brainwashing beds.

A murderer is set free
and an innocent accused.
“Watch today, on your local six o’clock news.”

…and couch potato fools,
Eating popcorn in the comfort of your rooms,
sitting there watching the massacre of schools,
you’re consumed
by the tubes countless costumes.

So please, let go of the
television’s buzz,
and release your right mind,
remove that static filled fuzz.

You are the show

I see you hiding below your skin,
secretly waving to me to come hold you when
your tears fall revealing your soul
out from the chambers of bodily control
your cloak and dagger psyche pays me a visit
I see it, I know it, but I wonder what is it
connecting us so, I see it in your sparkle,
I feel it in your glow, your tears continue falling
revealing your soul
take my hand
and feel my whole
and start to remember who you are,
where have you been, where are you now
allow it to burn, let it all go

listen to my voice
when I say,

“You are more then a memory,
you are the show.”

My Greatest Descent

I threw myself off a building, donating my body to the air.
My cloths ripped off and went twirling, as did my head, with a tear.

My limbs twisted round, bending backwards into flames
and oh it felt good, compared to life’s wicked games.

With a hollow “thump,” my body smashed into the cold cement,
lifeless and raw, undoubtedly – my greatest descent.