My name is Travis Morgan.

Welcome to my online portfolio. Here you will find a variety of my works including art, music, and poetry.
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Dirty Knots

Nuclear tear drops
on terrorist head chops
between drive-by gang shots
cloaked in government conspiracy plots,
a revolutionist is silenced,
his free thinking condensed,
they censored his genius,
for how dare he go against
their hearsay and rules,
their schools for proud fools,
their faith without glue,
a faith in which through
dirty looks they shunned him
for his honesty, so brim,
trimmed in good intentions,
free from fabled extensions,
he shined, and they shunned,
they gunned, so he hung,
he hung in the gory
of his endless individual dimensions.

I still do – Valentine’s Poem

Even after all the fights, and all the words exchanged,
all the painful nights, and expectations shortchanged,
through all the tears, after all these years,
I still do,
I still love you.

Uncharted text-scape

Sow thy seeds now,
thou pretense not parted
reveal thy rhythm guarded
uncharted text-scape,
cape of metaphoric tricks,
affix thy words fiddled
riddled selected picks
upon my fading canvas
kiss silent emptiness adieu
construe a bosom beat mix
fixed with message true,
tattoo thy bare passion
fashioned by I in you.

Let my actions ring louder then the whispers of my words and may my whispers mirror the meaning of that which has occurred.

Why “Hate” is a Bad Word

I teach my 3 sons not to use the word “hate.” The word itself is just that, a word. However, the meaning and power it carries by simply using it can be devastating. When one says, “I hate “this or that,” hate is not placed in that in which you hate, but rather in the haters heart, your heart. It is more damaging to the one that hates then to that in which is being hated. When you have hate in your heart, it can spread like a virus, and it becomes easier to hate, thus polluting your heart in this endless hatred, finally turning your heart black. Just by using the word “hate,” whether you mean it or not, it can spread, battle, and conflict with the love that is also in your heart. There is no good that comes directly from hate. By hating something, you allow that thing to further bother you even more then it already has. If you really “dislike” this thing so much, then let it go, if you don’t then you are allowing it to control you, thus increasing your hatred towards it. By just simply using the word this chain reaction can happen. The word “hate” should not be used lightly, preferably not at all.

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Phantom of Light

Cloaked in a charcoal clothes,
sneaky silhouettes tiptoe under lights gaze,
and it’s in these days, the brightest of days,
when out come the darkest of the shadows.

Haunting every form and every shape
Mirroring every movement and every ray
the darkness follows, for light’s its prey.
It lets no sparkle, nor glint escape.

Light is Jekyll, and shadows, Hyde.
You can not run, as it’s reflects your stride.
You can not fight it, so instead embrace,
for the phantom of light is lights night grace.