My name is Travis Morgan.

Welcome to my online portfolio. Here you will find a variety of my works including art, music, and poetry.
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The greatest martial artists, when they become masters of the art, and have found "The Way." They realize their best technique, is not to fight. Masters of and art often reach this stage of duality.

Proving the Existence of Truth

If it is true that everything is a lie (an illusion), then the statement contradicts itself by being true, thus making the statement false by involuntarily proving truths existence.
If it is false that everything is a lie (an illusion), then it again simply proves truths existence.
Either way, Truth is proven to exist.

In life, “the illusion” is often prettied up and designed to sell, and at that, at discount prices. People bite at the bargain, It seems easier and cheaper, so their off with their bargain, and go down this long winding road until they eventually are lost, and finally reach a dead end, the end of “the illusion.” They are then forced to turn back, and back track to where the road originally split, sometimes taking them what seems like an eternity just to get back to that fork. Once, they are there. Then, they take that road, yes, the one less traveled, the one that leads them to the way of enlightenment, the way they wish they would have traveled to begin with, the way their hearts originally pointed to, the way of the truth.

I, You, Me, We

Today I heard somebody say, “Where am I?” I thought to myself, “You are right where you are.” You are always right where you are. You are always right here and now. Then I pondered my use of the word “always.” “Always” is a word that shouldn’t be used lightly. It’s an endless word like “never.” I started working it out in my head, Are we really ALWAYS right where we are? What about when we die, when we are buried below the ground, or have been turned to dust and thrown in the ocean. In death, since there is no conscious to think or say, “I am here,” are we sincerely no longer here? Which naturally raises the next question.

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To Save or Not to Save

James over at “Right On!” posted his opinion on a new plan called, Edge (Evolutionarily Distinct Globally Endangered), a conservation effort to save endangered species. James’s focus was on “man” and mans obsession with control and stepping in on Mother Nature by trying to preserve a “naturally?” dying out species.

There is nothing new about this. Groups and organizations have been out there for a long time to protect endangered species. As far as if it is right or wrong, who can say? Doesn’t it not equally effect nature in saving a life and in taking one? We take animals lives all the time, for survival, for food. Would it really hurt so much, to save? There is a whole lot of killing in the world, and not much saving. In this respect, I can’t complain about the act of saving a creature, a life. If the species were about to go extinct, and we saved it, therefore, not becoming extinct, and have the possibility to repopulate, is this unnatural? What is natural anymore? Does a snowflake not fall perfectly in place?

I do agree on “mans” ego though and trying to control everything. We are too big for our britches. With power comes responsibility, and the modern man has not been as responsible as it should. Our abuse of nature is outweighing our respect and care for nature. In the end, we will have destroyed ourselves due to a lack of responsibility of our power. Maybe we should take a refresher lesson from our native Indians on “resourcefulness.”

What are your thoughts?

Perfect Imperfections

The obsessive compulsive perfectionist part of me wants to fix the crack in my windshield,
and the creative artistic free part of me wants to leave it, feeling the fracture adds character to the car.

More character then what the already now stale squash scented air freshener adds to its interior?

I think that perhaps the two compliment each other,
like thorns that articulate a rose, they are perfect imperfections,

You see, the crack in my windshield,


in its complimenting contrast.

Believe in the Truth

When people ask me what religion I am,
or what do I believe…
I reply,
“I believe in the truth.”

Last Moments

I laid there,
a seasoned vet of time,
inhaling the blue of the sky,
exhaling the whites of the clouds.

The air felt lighter,
scents smelled fresher,
tastes tasted sweeter,
and everything radiated in “love.”

Time was no more then a measurement,
and I had spoiled, but like a fine wine.
I knew my place, my oneness with all.
No “me,”
No “you,”

My final breaths were riddled
with uncontrollable laughter
for just now having become enlightened
without a goodbye.

Hovering above, your tears fell
and rolled down my cheeks.
I smiled one last time,
and took my place with you.