My name is Travis Morgan.

Welcome to my online portfolio. Here you will find a variety of my works including art, music, and poetry.
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Clouds brush the sky
in calligraphic spirals of ink
dripping on origami shaped lands,
which upon impact… Splosh!
forming into droplets of rain.

Off the tips of white lotus heads,
dragonflies skip,
rippling waters once motionless surface,
stirring brush painted koi
resting below.

Lily pads touch,
then float apart again.
Bamboo chimes collide,
lift, and spin on tsunami winds
breath, of an ancient ocean tide.

Outside haiku, brew
on boiling kettles of green tea
bubbling over with calligraphic spirals of steam
rising above origami shaped lands
forming a lotus cloud dream

Buzzerless Morning

Missed the alarm
Brushed teeth
Put on clothes
Started car
Raced to work
Four minutes late
Turned on laptop
Logged in
Checked email
Remembered last nights dream
Mouth dry
Hands dry
Coffee cup empty
Missed the alarm

The Secret Admirer

Why must I compare thee to a star,
when thou shinest brighter than any star I’ve gazed?

How can I relate thee to a prickly rose,
when thine eyes shalt never wilt a mans heart?

I shall not express my love for thee
with metaphors, similes or words direction.

Nor shall any amount of kisses and hugs suffice.
My affection for thee is formless and without me.

I shall never pluck thee from the earth’s soil,
for then all this tension would end, and spoil.

Free Spirit

I hear birds sing,
I am their song.
I feel winds breath,
and I float along.

I smell flowers fragrance,
and become the scent.
When the trees tremble,
I am present.

I see the sky
I am a cloud.
I swim the sea,
depth endowed

I touch your face
and feel your heart.
I taste the spirit
of natures art.

Crushing Writers Block

As far as the creative block is concerned,
Forget everything you know, and you don’t know,
Remove your opinions, and just be. Receive the world unfiltered.
Move with the energy you can’t always see, yet feel.
Take the time you need to connect with the environment
and when you’re ready, you will know when,
let your fingers move to the sound of the vibrations you feel.

Window Fan

Favorite fan, spinning paced
whirling wind, window cased
Stirring in fresh squeezed air
Soothing spirals freshened fair

Citrus rays shadow through
blades of breeze, sun brewed
Mornings breath, cotton laced
vents vanilla apartment space

Refreshing tonic, honey winged
Lifts my spirits, season stringed
Zephyrs zest warming waltz
stimulates senses, freeing faults

Amorous affair with winds wand
Generated on gyrations au fond
Fills my room with cooling crush
Humming breaks the silent hush

Sitting sound on summer’s edge
Cooling heat through borders ledge
Window fan, your twirling trace
tenderly touches my fevered face

Sleepless Inspiration

Magnetic steel blue eyes
painted in shadow rings
struggles to find midnight
bound by wakes strings

Hollow limbs maneuvered
moved by restless mind
missing moons slumber
where dreams do unwind

Days speed intoxicates
passion charmed veins
Fearing missing moments
soaked in wonders rains

Night calls left unanswered
buries me days best friend
Grave unrest rebounds me
on death beds pillow mend

Relative Dependency

My heartbeat
eats the world
swirled in caramel pebbles
of love and hate disguised
by lies based on truths sweet tooth
for questions and answers relative dependency
to exist with one another
under the skies and stars
wooing the moon and Mars
sending goodbyes through laughs
and cries tearful smiles
smiling at flowered roots unfolding
through soils depths holding
my grave perfectly in place
where my final fatal
h e a r t b e a t s
pace away.