My name is Travis Morgan.

Welcome to my online portfolio. Here you will find a variety of my works including art, music, and poetry.
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Old tree standing restless
Embracing limbs flowered
Reaching rainbows rains
branches shiver, showered

Trunk firmly soil rooted
by seeds season planted
leaves stance jaded stiff
and slumber disenchanted

Laying down is unnatural
You breathe standing tall
Postured upright sleeping
Only lonely leaves can fall

Wise old tree, unmovable
you move the skies along
For you I cotton whisper
this soft somnific song.


This mirror reflects my image,
or does it reflect my mind?
Maybe my mind reflects this mirror
or is it just all one combined?

Forget the mirror. There, it is gone.
Instead, through a window, I look out.
Light cast my twin shadow below
Or does the shadow project me about?

I move, stepping into a clouded puddle
There, my figure vanishes into ripples – wet.
The clearest simile of me as of yet
Between my feet, a twisted grey silhouette.

Perhaps, I am an echo from these ripples
vibrations from another’s distant dream
or a surreal vision blending fantasy with reality,
into a place where nothing is as it seems.

What is it called?

It’s not called anything!
They are just letters
combined to create words
assembled into sentences
Divided by thin lines,
adjectives creating color
intermingled by similes
transformed by metaphors
verbs move the page
characters of my thoughts
spelling my minds imagination
through paragraphs of expressions
title-less movements of my mind.
This writing, a strange scribbling,
revealing the depths of my creativity,
I don’t call it anything,
but some might call it poetry.

Surfs Up!

Surfing twilight twinkles
Tsunami wave reflections
Sparkling below my board
Glistening star projections

Warm ocean winds whirl
Parting tanned tropic face
Riding the breaking waves
Worries to dreams replace

Splashing waters sprinkle
Spraying tears beach blue
Waves rise reaching moon
Balancing on horizons view

Finding dreams wind caressed
Shaken on salt washed sands
Beaches below balance bend
by surf boards salted hands

Riding waves crystal crush
Bathes my mind citrus coated
Moon mirrored glitter gliding
Leaves souls forever floated

Experience Okinawa

What is it about Okinawa that I love so much? Well, I can say its just about everything. I love the Atmosphere, I love the people, I love the roads, the buildings, the trees, the flowers, the warm weather, the language, the hospitality, the culture, the beach, the island, the stores, the nightlife…

There is something about Okinawa that just gives me this warm, comfortable, happy, free feeling. I love Okinawa. When I am there I am happy and carefree. I can feel it in my heart….To experience Okinawa, hearing the sounds of Okinawa, the smell, the touch, to see it in front of you, you can feel it.

It can’t compare to reading about it and seeing its pictures. The pictures represent a moment in time, that we try to capture and remember again when we view it, but to actually FEEL it and experience Okinawa, is incredible.

Until I live in Okinawa again, I will keep it in my heart and keep dreaming.

Enwrapped by sunlight
between prickly rose thorns
- morning dew glistens

A misty light fog
hiding spring daisies in bloom
lifts with dawns sunrise

Sounds Like Rain

Today it rained
on innocent ear.
My son of smiles
he volunteered,
at the sound of
Wind Chimes
blowing ballad
bells of rhymes
he calmly spoke
with visions vain
and full of heart,

“Sounds like rain”

“Sounds like rain, daddy,”
this sound

“Sounds like rain – raindrops falling down”

I stood there stunned
by his translucent touch
Enlightened by my boy
more than much
Pure perception
painting the sound of rain
Wind chimes carol,
he did explain
through spotless mind
left unslain
wind chimes make
the sound of rain.