My name is Travis Morgan.

Welcome to my online portfolio. Here you will find a variety of my works including art, music, and poetry.
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I am no longer I

I write,
wondering if I’m meant for writing
Fighting, to find my purpose
I prefer this,
to exist and transcend
to extend beyond the surface
mist of daily routines
between these organic machines
Figurines, animated but not in reality
And this state of superficial mentality
Originality is lost in this
abyss of recursiveness
gone berserk

I work,
questioning if I’m meant to work
A clerk, I sell nothing but the way
The way of the self perfection
Correction, I mean self reflection
Direction by asking oneself why
Why am I here, what is my path?
Who am I really?
Silly to ask?
Or sillier
not to remove my mask.

I play,
curious if I should play
day in and day out
doubt surrounds me
free to make my own decisions
incisions into societies artificial
sense of security.
Purity, I seek
week after week
to this
I kiss
undercover struggle
in a juggle of truth and lies
spies and collisions
revisions of freedom
numb with artificial visions
and provisions

I die,
Not knowing why
Why I was blind
To the answers
Dancers without an idea
Of why we danced
Entranced in the shallow,
hollow waters
of cause and reason
and seasoned truth.
The clarity of my youth
never seems to come round
just an empty sound
bound to the false
of humanity.
Insanity has taken me.
Me and my identity.

I am no longer I

Writing Haiku Rants

1. I have been reading and reviewing a lot of Haiku on www.poets.com recently. These Haiku that I speak of, people have adjusted the title to “Modern Haiku” which they define as a Haiku that has no form and can be written about subjects other then nature.

Now here is my thoughts on that… A Haiku is a “formatted” form of poetry. When one takes away that form, what form is left that one may still call it a Haiku? You see, it is no longer a Haiku without its form. Hence, these so called “Modern Haiku” are nothing more then short free verse poetry.

2. I have been seeing an overuse in metaphors in haiku. No, there is no solid rule that says that a metaphor can not be used in a haiku like a simile, but I strongly feel that these Haiku that have a metaphor in all three lines of the Haiku really destroy the simplistic nature of a Haiku. So please try writing your Haiku with less metaphors.

3. I have also been seeing many people write in their Haiku the feeling that the reader should be feeling rather then creating the feeling without having to point it out to the reader. Here is an example which I helped a poet with titled “Freedom”:

This is the original:

Eagle soaring high
underneath the golden sun
symbol of freedom

This is my edited new version:

Eagle soaring high
underneath the golden sun
- wind beneath its wings

Now you see how the original Haiku pointed out this feeling of freedom in the last line, we as readers should be feeling. Now look at my edited version, now the reader can actually feel this feeling of freedom without having it spelled out to them. My second edited version of the authors original is a way I feel that many Haiku can be improved.

Feel free to comment.

The Hands of Time

I will soon die
by the hands of time.
for there is no escape
from grandfathers chime.

The pendulum swings
Precious moments flash by
Past, present, and future
Right before my eyes

Measuring my days,
the arms of this clock
with its infinite grasp
continues-tick tock

I’m unable to stop
Its springs and gears
The cuckoo strikes
And gone are my years.

My last hour has passed
And the minutes have stopped
a few final seconds
and my life is dropped.

A split second later,
some distant womb is torn
and from a new mother
another life is born.

The pattern repeats itself
Over and over again.
This is the way it is
and how its always been.

Don't let anyone tell you it's not your turn. Because when it's not your turn, it's obviously your turn for it to not be your turn. It's always your turn for something. So when it is your turn which it always is, play well.

Country Slang (Poem)

I was cruisin
Abusin the law
Raw, night and day
A city slicker
Quicker, then a six shooter
Cuter then a daisy
Crazy as Billy the kid
Kid you not
Bought some buckshot
Hottest hot-shot on the block
pound for pound
Around, high noon
High tailed into a saloon
I met this dame, a country fox
Locks of golden curls unwind
Behind her tilted cowboy hat
She sat, down next to me
She ordered whisky on the rocks
And moonshine, a full box
Usually I don’t get into them country folks
But damn, she’s so hot she smokes
Pokes at my wagon and wide eyed
Beside me
She began to explain,
Painful tales of bushwackin
Saddle packin
Sheriff attackin
Gun slingin
Rifle stingin
Death bringin
saddle folded
Molded with shootouts, and bloody undoins
Chewin on a piece of straw
an outlaw
Raw, in her buckskin boots and spurs
Purrs like a kitten
sittin, on a double barrel shotgun
a hired gun
begun, her career
Here, shooten off the deputies left ear
A pioneer
Men fear
her ruthlessness
In the western frontier
Robbing banks
Thanks, to her wild fire
Gun for hire
Rooten tooten, wagon stretchen
fetchen her a pretty penny
A time shes
freezed coyboys in their tracks
Taxed by her poison moonshine
Boone wine and briar firewater
Daughter of a slain pa
aw she wanted now
was to hit em high
hit em low
pony up
and fire up
her dixie pistols
crystal blow

What I Want This Year (Poem)

You ask me what I want this year
Dear, the answer is crystal clear
Steer my heart to your ear
Hear my heartbeats pounding score
Your love sincere, I want to be near
Here with me, share a golden tear

Appear before me with open arms
Alarms kiss our search adieu
Into a new light we find a new
view on life so radiantly true
you and I never knew existed
twisted by lies we never resisted

Instead, we now move ahead
led by open mind and heart
apart from deceit and darkness
boundless is our future onward
Forward we follow our dreams
Beams glisten from our spirits

Culprits of true and everlasting love
Above all shadows and beyond all light
Bright, is our new iridescent sight
Tonight we will ignite our love bite
Might even whisper in your ear
what it is I want this year